Women's Yellow Gold MJ IMG_6007.JPG

Women's Yellow Gold MJ

from 65.00
Women's Yellow Gold Half Round lululemon_mapleandj-49.jpg

Women's Yellow Gold Half Round

from 85.00
Women's Bold Cuff IMG_6130.JPG
sold out

Women's Bold Cuff

Maple & J FIX.jpg maple&j_hairbymaddie-26.jpg

Women's MJ: Rose Gold

from 65.00
Women's Rose Gold Half Round maple&j_hairbymaddie-107.jpg

Women's Rose Gold Half Round

from 85.00
The Hammered Jockey Cuff E06A3014.jpg
sold out

The Hammered Jockey Cuff

The Double Down E06A2917.jpg

The Double Down

from 105.00
Maple & J FIX silver-2.jpg Maple & J FIX silver-5.jpg

Women's MJ: Silver

from 60.00
Twisted Silver cakesbycoco-19.jpg

Twisted Silver

from 50.00
The Bold Twisted Silver lululemon_mapleandj-200.jpg
sold out

The Bold Twisted Silver

The Delta Delta-3.jpg
sold out

The Delta

MJ Brass.jpg MJ Brass Stack.jpg

Women's MJ: Brass

from 40.00
Angle.jpg E06A9077.jpg

The Angle Bangle

from 70.00
The Memory Bangle Rose Memory.jpg

The Memory Bangle

from 55.00
The Double Down Ring E06A9752.jpg

The Double Down Ring

from 95.00
The MJ Choker

The MJ Choker

Gold Curb Chain

Gold Curb Chain