Melody Joy : Artist



Episode One of the Maple & J Original Series "Never Take It Off" finds abstract artist Melody McMunn in her home, sharing her story of how she came to produce the art with the mindset and manner that she does

You only need to be around Melody for a couple seconds to realize that she exudes joy and has a way about her that is effortless. You might not know that her unique style and approach to art, and life for that matter, is rooted in her own personal story of learning to LET GO. Letting go of the need for things to be perfect or right and embracing the beauty and joy that comes from the unexpected. She is constantly reminded of this theme in her passion for bread-making, the nature of abstract art and now, more recently, through caring for her adorable son, Wells.

Melody’s stack includes: The Women’s MJ Gold, The Half Round Bold Cuff, The Angle Bangle, and The Double Down Ring.